Renovating Goals- 30 days challenge (Plan3)


Getting a smoking hot Bod:,,20595419,00.html



Renovating Goals- 30 days challenge (Plan 2)




I constantly feel distracted looking at youtube videos, googling random articles. Thank god I have lost my fb password and am neither on twitter or instagram. I am amazed to think I can watch random youtube videos for hours at end while lying down in bed under the duvet having no motivation to do anything for myself and just wasting precious time.

Here is how I plan on tackling my social media distraction:

1) I start googling and reading articles about a particular topic everytime something bothers me. So for example, if I am feeling hurt, I will start googling or youtubing how to get over hurt. I have to stop doing this from tomorrow for the next 30 days. I have got into a habbit of reading ’10 ways of doing something’ and then making a decision rather than thinking about it myself and coming up with a solution.

2) When I am watching a documentary, I dont tend to give my full concentration to it. I am always doing something or the other and keep skipping to other videos because I get bored of one video after a while. I need to stop having this short attention apans and the feeling of being rewarded everytime I start a new video and feel that this is the best video that I am going to watch.

3) I tend to listen to music or something motivational when I am at work or aorking at something from home or during travel and even though I will try and reduce this behaviour, I cant completely go cold turkey on it. But I prmise not to keep going from one video to another while I am listening and listen to it from start to finish even if I cant give my full attention to it.  

4) I plan on personalising Youtube more to my taste so that I only get to watch certain things and do not have the curiosity or inclination to watch other random stuff- DONE

Renovating Goals- 30 days challenge (Plan 1)




The first plan is to have faith. To have faith beginning this very moment in everything positive and the faith in being optimistic and the faith that things will work out.Faith in believing that the best will happen instead of the worse. I do not know where this idea is coming from  but I feel I have lived all my life in anxiety, feeling insecure, worrying about something or the other and now that I look at the past I am saddened that I wasted so much of my time competing, comparing, feeling anxious, depressed, worrying about the future and controling everything. I am exhausted feeling so small and tiny and insignificant. I want to matter. I want to give love. I want to believe in ideas and ideologies and the way of my life without getting confused and doing something stupid out of fear and anxiety.

Maybe externally things may still be the same but internally I want to be inspired, happy, calm, peaceful, loved, unthreatened , patient and I am hoping that this will naturally change the course of my life towards better and naturally help me take decisions out of faith and hope rather than out of fear and anxiety of something going wrong.

My faith begins NOW….

Renovating Goals- 30 days challenge



If I had 30 days starting today just to change my life in any way I wanted and if God/Universe/Law of attraction promised me that by the end of the 30 days I will get all those things that I have worked hard on during the 30 days what are the things I would aim for?

Since God is managing my project he would obviously want a plan and progress from me over the 30 days.

I have achieved most of my goals for the last 30 days. But it has been with a lot of ups and downs emotionally, thinking about my past and having no faith in the future. During these next 30 days I want to work on my goals with a lot of faith, positivity and inspiration. I want to feel the joy rather than the pain and suffering. For this I need to start with the faith that if I work hard, God will give me everything that I have worked hard on. I will have a plan and progress management. So here goes:

AIM: To work hard towards achiveing my goals during the next 30 days so that God will fulfill these dreams at the end of the 30 days.


1) To have a smoking hot body

2) To have beautiful skin (get rid of my acne, stretchmarks and dark circles)

3) To eat healthy

4) to finish studying for PMA

5) To get all my finances sorted

6) to find answers about my insecurities, anxieties, negative thinking etc through spirituality

Day 10- The challenge slump


I have been feeling a slump on my challenge for the last three days. It started with going through a lot of emotions on the 8th day during my 10,000 steps walk after which I ended up having a bar of icecream. This was followed by having chocolate yesterday and today. My ‘Going cold turkey’ has completely gone down the drain. I feel the negative thoughts going on in my head such as I will never be able to achieve what I have set goals for and if I do something is either going to go wrong while I am on the journey or after reaching my destination. These thoughts along with guilt of the past has been puttin me off track. None of these thoughts are helping me in any way. The past has been done and complete and there is nothing I can do about it other than learn from it and never mak the same mistake again. With dealing with the fears, there are some sithuations I have no control over and thinking that there will be obstacles in my way to achieve my goal is just an irrational fear which might come true if I think too much about it.

Its time to tackle and refine my goals again (both internal and external). I do not remember how I set my goals before but here are my goals for the remaining 5 weeks.

Internal Goals:

Goal 1# Try and be positive as much as possible. Work on thinking positively by listening to ‘How to be positive’ podcasts and videos

Goal 2# Distract from negativity by learning something rather than depending on junk food

External Goals:

Goal 1# Eat no more than 1200 calories

Goal 2# Have just once cheat day once a week, mark the cheat day so that you do not have it again within 7 days.

Goal 3# Eat junk food (chocolate,crips, burger, pizza, indian snacks) only on the cheat day

Goal 4# Exercise (try to burn 400 calories) everyday

Goal 5# Reach work by 8-8:30 AM everyday

Goal 6# Finish 3 modules of PMA every weekend

Goal 7# go to every satsang from 2 to 5 PM

Goal 8# Stop coffee and stick to teas

Goal 9# Eat healthy and get into the habbit of eatinbg healthy

Goal 10# Make a habit of drinking loads of water 

Day 6- sticking to a schedule


Its time for the long weekend and time to make the most of it. Be extra productive.

Time: Friday to Monday
Goals: Complete PMA and lose a KG

3:00-5:00 PM- Gym
5:00-6:00 PM- shower
6:00-7:00 PM- food
9:00-11:00PM- Gym
11:00-12:00AM- shower

7:00-8:00AM- Wake up and coffee
8:00-10:00AM- Gym
10:00-11:00AM- Shower
11:00-1:00PM- lunch
1:00-3:00PM- Buffer
3:00-8:00PM- PMA
8:00-10:00PM- Gym
10:00-11:00PM- shower and dinner

05:00-06:00AM- wake up and coffee
06:00-08:00AM- PMA
08:00-09:00AM- shower
09:00-10:00AM- food

4:00-7:00PM- PMA
7:00-9:00PM- Gym
9:00-10:00PM- shower
10:00-11:00PM- dinner

5:00-6:00AM- wake up and coffee
6:00-8:00AM- gym

8:00-9:00AM- shower

09:00-10:00AM- food

10:00-12:00PM- PMA

12:00-1:00PM- make lunch

1:00-2:00PM- lunch

2:00-4:00PM- Buffer

4:00-7:00PM- PMA

7:00-9:00PM- Gym

9:00-10:00PM- Shower

10:00-11:00PM- dinner

Day 3- Going Cold Turkey



chocolates-3d-printing Crisps-Image-1024x682

Chocolate and chips are my vices but after battling with them for so long esspecially with the sweet desire of creamy sexy and glamorous chocolates, its time to go cold turkey and deal with the withdrawal symptoms like a BOSS. If I can survive without a chip or a lick of chocolate, I am golden. This has to be done now. Today I went over my goal of 12o0 calories by 500 calories due to eating some mint candies, terrible tasting chocolate lollies and chilli lime crips which was totally unnecessary. Instead I could have had some lovely juicy fruit and still stayed under my calorie count.

Going cold turkey begins now….