Goals for the weekend….


These goals have to be followed extremely religiously:


11:30- 05:45PM- work

Listen to a good book which will inspire me to write while working

Lunch- eat fruits and book for carom, if not available then book for Jamie’s

05:45-07:30PM- reach home

07:30-09:30PM- gym

09:30-12:00AM- Clean up


12:00-07:00 AM- sleep

07:00-09:00AM- breakfast

09:00-12:00PM- shopping

12:00-3:00PM- Test

3:00-05:00PM- Gym

05:00-07:00PM- Random stuff/dress up

07:00-12:00AM- drinks


12:00-07:00AM- Sleep

07:00-09:00 AM- Breakfast

09:00-01:00 PM- Finances

01:00-06:00PM- PMA

06:00-08:00 PM- Gym

08:00-11:00PM- Prepare for the next day

11:00 PM- sleep


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