Renovating Goals- 30 days challenge



If I had 30 days starting today just to change my life in any way I wanted and if God/Universe/Law of attraction promised me that by the end of the 30 days I will get all those things that I have worked hard on during the 30 days what are the things I would aim for?

Since God is managing my project he would obviously want a plan and progress from me over the 30 days.

I have achieved most of my goals for the last 30 days. But it has been with a lot of ups and downs emotionally, thinking about my past and having no faith in the future. During these next 30 days I want to work on my goals with a lot of faith, positivity and inspiration. I want to feel the joy rather than the pain and suffering. For this I need to start with the faith that if I work hard, God will give me everything that I have worked hard on. I will have a plan and progress management. So here goes:

AIM: To work hard towards achiveing my goals during the next 30 days so that God will fulfill these dreams at the end of the 30 days.


1) To have a smoking hot body

2) To have beautiful skin (get rid of my acne, stretchmarks and dark circles)

3) To eat healthy

4) to finish studying for PMA

5) To get all my finances sorted

6) to find answers about my insecurities, anxieties, negative thinking etc through spirituality


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