Renovating Goals- 30 days challenge (Plan 2)




I constantly feel distracted looking at youtube videos, googling random articles. Thank god I have lost my fb password and am neither on twitter or instagram. I am amazed to think I can watch random youtube videos for hours at end while lying down in bed under the duvet having no motivation to do anything for myself and just wasting precious time.

Here is how I plan on tackling my social media distraction:

1) I start googling and reading articles about a particular topic everytime something bothers me. So for example, if I am feeling hurt, I will start googling or youtubing how to get over hurt. I have to stop doing this from tomorrow for the next 30 days. I have got into a habbit of reading ’10 ways of doing something’ and then making a decision rather than thinking about it myself and coming up with a solution.

2) When I am watching a documentary, I dont tend to give my full concentration to it. I am always doing something or the other and keep skipping to other videos because I get bored of one video after a while. I need to stop having this short attention apans and the feeling of being rewarded everytime I start a new video and feel that this is the best video that I am going to watch.

3) I tend to listen to music or something motivational when I am at work or aorking at something from home or during travel and even though I will try and reduce this behaviour, I cant completely go cold turkey on it. But I prmise not to keep going from one video to another while I am listening and listen to it from start to finish even if I cant give my full attention to it.  

4) I plan on personalising Youtube more to my taste so that I only get to watch certain things and do not have the curiosity or inclination to watch other random stuff- DONE


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