Renovating Goals- 30 days challenge (Plan 1)




The first plan is to have faith. To have faith beginning this very moment in everything positive and the faith in being optimistic and the faith that things will work out.Faith in believing that the best will happen instead of the worse. I do not know where this idea is coming from  but I feel I have lived all my life in anxiety, feeling insecure, worrying about something or the other and now that I look at the past I am saddened that I wasted so much of my time competing, comparing, feeling anxious, depressed, worrying about the future and controling everything. I am exhausted feeling so small and tiny and insignificant. I want to matter. I want to give love. I want to believe in ideas and ideologies and the way of my life without getting confused and doing something stupid out of fear and anxiety.

Maybe externally things may still be the same but internally I want to be inspired, happy, calm, peaceful, loved, unthreatened , patient and I am hoping that this will naturally change the course of my life towards better and naturally help me take decisions out of faith and hope rather than out of fear and anxiety of something going wrong.

My faith begins NOW….


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