Day 10- The challenge slump


I have been feeling a slump on my challenge for the last three days. It started with going through a lot of emotions on the 8th day during my 10,000 steps walk after which I ended up having a bar of icecream. This was followed by having chocolate yesterday and today. My ‘Going cold turkey’ has completely gone down the drain. I feel the negative thoughts going on in my head such as I will never be able to achieve what I have set goals for and if I do something is either going to go wrong while I am on the journey or after reaching my destination. These thoughts along with guilt of the past has been puttin me off track. None of these thoughts are helping me in any way. The past has been done and complete and there is nothing I can do about it other than learn from it and never mak the same mistake again. With dealing with the fears, there are some sithuations I have no control over and thinking that there will be obstacles in my way to achieve my goal is just an irrational fear which might come true if I think too much about it.

Its time to tackle and refine my goals again (both internal and external). I do not remember how I set my goals before but here are my goals for the remaining 5 weeks.

Internal Goals:

Goal 1# Try and be positive as much as possible. Work on thinking positively by listening to ‘How to be positive’ podcasts and videos

Goal 2# Distract from negativity by learning something rather than depending on junk food

External Goals:

Goal 1# Eat no more than 1200 calories

Goal 2# Have just once cheat day once a week, mark the cheat day so that you do not have it again within 7 days.

Goal 3# Eat junk food (chocolate,crips, burger, pizza, indian snacks) only on the cheat day

Goal 4# Exercise (try to burn 400 calories) everyday

Goal 5# Reach work by 8-8:30 AM everyday

Goal 6# Finish 3 modules of PMA every weekend

Goal 7# go to every satsang from 2 to 5 PM

Goal 8# Stop coffee and stick to teas

Goal 9# Eat healthy and get into the habbit of eatinbg healthy

Goal 10# Make a habit of drinking loads of water 


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