Day 3- A To-Do


A to do list has never worked for me before.

I know some highly productive people who create a to do list everyday before they go to bed for the next day but I have never heard a conversation on how they create their to do list, do they provide any buffer time? How do they comply to the to do list if something unexpected comes up? Do they ‘Maintain with balance’? ( ) and try to accomplish it the day after or do they rip the list off and create a new one?

I have tried various kinds of lists starting from when I will get up to what I will do every hour to a to do list where I have put down everything I need to get done for the day? None of them have worked for me. I have never complied and this just makes me feel like a failure and at this point I do not want or need that stress.

But I like the feeling of being organised and I like a to do list because then it gives structure and meaning to my day. I like it if everything that I need to get done is out there on paper and I don’t remember need to stress about remembering or forgetting something.

So how do I get the best of both worlds?????

MY Stress Free To Do list:

From today till the end of the month I am going to create a To Do List everyday but I am not going to stress out if I haven’t finished something. I will just jot down everything that needs to be done in bullet points. There will be two kinds of to do list, one work and the other personal. I will put all my points in the same coloured pen on day 1 of the To Do list so its there in paper. The next day all the things that still remain open (undone) will be copied over in the same coloured pen and new tasks to be created in a new colour . All the open points from Day 2 will then be copied over to day 3 in the same colour and new points in a new coloured pen.

This way I always have my things to do in front of me at all times and I dont have the stress of completing them in one day. Copying them over the next day also reminds me of tasks open and gives me a little stress to complete them but not too much.


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