Day 2-Maintenance


One of the most difficult things with giving yourself a challenge is to maintain the challenge and the motivation after day 1 enthusiasm has died down.
Yesterday was all too easy, day one of working out when your body is rested and the excitement of creating new goals and ofcourse a new blog.
But day 2 and I am already down with cold and felt so starved that I ended up having half a bag of chilli and lime crisps (not even a favourite flavour) totalling up to approx 220 kcals. 220 EMPTY kcals.

what is more difficult than starting on a goal is maintaining it. I tend to fall into extremes (as observed from my previous behavioural observations). I either dont care and give up my goals for a few days just to begin all over again or I push myself to try to achieve perfection while I am driven which ultimately exhausts me and then I fall into the cycle of giving up my goals for a few days.

For the 6 week challenge my 2nd goal is to maintain with balance. No extremes. For example,normally if I want to workout but can’t for some reason I feel like a failure and this is then topped by eating unhealthy in the evening either to stop feeling like a failure or to just mess up the rest of the day because it is already messed up. I can always try being perfect again tomorrow. But being perfect doesnt last . It will just exhaust me. So this time, if I miss out on going for a workout, I will just relax and use that time to do other things or just laze around whilst still maintaining a healthy diet. This keeps me in balance.

Balance of the mind and maintanince with balance is very important. When we start on a personal goal we tend to strive for perfection and get frustrated and stressed by small failures. Though goals are about pushing yourself sometimes it is best to just relax during a failure or a task undone. Dealing a with failure with balance is better than striving for perfection and then going through the cycle of feeling dissapointed and giving up on your goals.

So next time I give into the craving of a chocolate I will just enjoy the chocolate and then go on with the goal rather than binge on another bar and feel extremely guilty and then just miss on everything else that brings me closer to the goal




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