Day 1- Working on my top goal


AIM: To lose 6kgs/13.2lbs/0.94 stones in 6 weeks

Current weight: 67 Kgs

Goal Weight: 61 Kgs

last chancefigure day 1

 This is my top goal and my top goal comes above everything right now. It comes about family, friends, relationships and religion.

As much as I would like to go out with friends right now and spend time with family or go on my weekend spiritual discourses my top goal comes first in these 6 weeks (and whats 6 weeks in a lifetime?).

How to lose 6 kgs in 6 weeks:

Eat no more than 1200 calories a day. And to control this download a food calculator to calculate daily food intake.

My favourite is My fitness Pal  and as much as this going to take up my time and stress me out I will have to do this everyday and keep a crazy check on my food intake all the time.

To take this stress  I will have to let go on other stresses. One of the biggest stresses that I have when I go out is to see if other people look at me or find me attractive and see if they are checking other girls out instead of me. This has been one of the biggest stresses when I go out and I just need to get rid of it to concentrate on my goals. Everytime I go out I am only looking at if people look at me or admire me and I have seen a lot of girls admired and I want to be one of them. But right now this stress is a waste of my time and energy and I cant let it get to me. I have to try and avoid getting this stress on me as much as possible.

Go on a walk 10,000 steps everyday/ Yoga

Gym: 20 minutes of cross trainer, 20 minutes of running and 30 minutes of weights

Eat healthy to get a better skin structure, better quality hais and better body





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